INDUSTRO Skycapture

Structural and Aerial Drone Inspection

INDUSTRO SKYCAPTURE has been awarded permission for commercial operation (PfCO UAS – 6560 ) from the CAA

INDUSTRO SKYCAPTURE is both a structural and aerial inspection service which uses traditional methods combined with drone technology to deliver a safe and cost-effective way of inspecting and maintaining your assets.

  • Experienced structural inspection personnel
  • Comprehensive inspections and reports i.e. Chartered engineer certified reports
  • Commercially licensed quadcopter pilot (drone).

Our drone is available for the aerial inspections of roofs, both external and internal, chimney stacks and fume extraction systems, high level structures, pipework and pipe bridges, lighting towers and site integrated rail or road networks. This can be documented in reports containing narrative / photos or be used in “real time” live inspections.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Benefits of Drones

Using a drone for aerial filming and photography will;

  • Cut scaffold and access requirements, reducing costs
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce man hours significantly
  • Ensure flexibility with inspections meaning no shutdown or downtime is required
  • Remove the need for people to be working at height
Inspection projects include:
  • Smoke / Flare Stacks
  • Warehouses – both internal i.e. roof trusses and external
  • Bridges
  • Wind turbines
  • Lighting towers
  • Pylons
  • Ship sides

Safety will always be our primary concern and we strictly adhere to the C.A.A guidelines regarding the use of drones in motion. All our drones are fitted with the latest anti-collision and GPS technology as a built in fail-safe. If for example, the signal is lost on the drone, it will automatically return home under GPS.

What do we include?
  • The drone and video screen
  • All PPE / signage and hard barriers
  • An all-terrain vehicle to access difficult ground conditions
  • Fully insured operation
  • Full risk assessment and method statement for each individual inspection is provided after the initial site visit.
  • CAA Certified Pilots (UK Civil Aviation Authority)
360° Panoramas
High Resolution Images
HD Video
What sectors do we cover?

Our clients are oil, gas, waste to energy, ports, and steelworks in Teesside and across the UK.

Call us now for more information: 01642 777708